Mud Run Part 2, What I learned…

What could possibly entice a person to pay a decent amount of money to get up very early in the morning and drive 2 hours in the car in order to run and belly crawl through mud and navigate 3+ miles of obstacles?  Friends!  My first mud run experience was Case Creek Mud Run in Coal Valley, IL.  It is well run, has plenty of mud, and money raised goes to local charities.  I highly recommend it!  There is even a  Mud Adventure and Obstacle Run for kids coming up in September.  check it out at  Here is what I learned from my first Mud Run Experience:

  1.  Train, at least a little.  I think we did a pretty good job of preparing for our run as you read from my last blog post.  We focused on running short distances and implemented circuits with lots of upper extremity work.  Next year I will add some plyometrics along with a couple sessions at the park and work on the monkey bars!
  2. Take the soles out of your shoes and tie them tight!  My workout partner and friend Elysia prepared us for this, having some experience in the mud run world, and I am so glad she did!
  3. Don’t be afraid to get muddy, just don’t.  I thought I was staying pretty clean half way through, and then…IMG_2596
  4.  Keep your mouth closed (see last photo).  Mud tastes like it smells, gross.
  5. Wear comfortable and form fitting clothing.  It will not soak up as much water or mud.
  6. Bring nothing with you- rings/ jewelry, phone, camera, car keys.
  7. Have fun!  We had so much fun with this.  It was empowering to complete this task, and I actually can’t wait until the next one!
  8. Go with friends.  The more the merrier, and you will spur on one another.       Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

    And don’t forget the Rapid Fire for the next day!IMG_1091

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