Proverbs 31

“She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks”  Proverbs 31:17

Happy New Year and happy new blog!  I am setting out to share scripture, my thoughts, and fitness and wellness tips.  Join me on this journey, but as with any new exercise program you may need to consult your health professional first.  The Proverbs 31 woman is a great place to start.  She is much like us in that she has a lot of work to do!  She needs strong arms for her tasks.  We work hard.  We need to be strong!  Our strength, ultimately comes from the Lord.  Just as we strengthen our arms with exercise so that we will be able to pick up children, fold laundry, and carry groceries without injuring ourselves, we must also be fit spiritually.  We must be diligent in exercising our spiritual muscles so that we will not be “injured” by the load the world creates.


Arm shape up

  • Shadow box 5 minutes for warm up
  • Bicep curls with soup cans, hand weights, or stretchy band 10x 2 repetitions
  • Upright rows with soup cans, hand weights, or stretchy band 10×2 repetitions
  • Overhead press with soup cans, hand weights 10x 2 repetitions
  • Tricep kickback (one knee on chair/ bench) with soup can, hand weight, or band 10x 2 repetitions
  • towel stretch (hold towel towel to your back with one hand above head and other closer to hip, pull lower arm up gently 30 seconds then pull upper arm down 30 seconds.  Repeat with opposite arms)
  • Gently pull arm across chest to stretch shoulder for 30 seconds, repeat other side



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